About Us: Meet Our Therapists




I graduated in from Josef's School of Hair, Skin & Body in November of 2015 as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). I grew up in Wheaton, MN where I graduated high school in 2009. I attended college at the University Of North Dakota until 2012. Eventually found work locally at both a Physical Therapy Clinic and Chiropractic Clinic. While working within the whole body health platform is where I found my inspiration to become a Massage Therapist and eventually a Business Owner.


I enjoy working with all ages, specifically athletes and using massage to help them reach their peak performance capacity. I got married in 2019 to my husband, Kevin and we are expecting our first child August 2021. 

It is important to me that every client feels relaxed and stress free when they leave the spa. Helping people feel better mentally and physically is very important to me. I look forward to helping this community and I hope to see you soon!

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I graduated from Josef's School of Hair, Skin and Body in June of 2019. After receiving my license, I started working with Lotus Massage Therapy and Wellness in July of 2019. I specialize in Swedish, Therapeutic, Prenatal and Aromatherapy massages. 


I grew up near Larimore, ND where I graduated from high school in 2007.  I moved to Grand Forks in 2013 and spent 5 years working as an Operations Supervisor for a cleaning company where I met an LMT down the hall (Erin, the owner of Lotus). She opened my eyes up to the potential of massage therapy, and I was inspired! Talk about destiny! I am engaged to be married in 2023 to my fiancé, Kyle, and we have a head start to our family as Kyle gifted me my two wonderful future step-sons, Vaughn (8) and Graham (6). 


I strive to help each client feel comfortable, relaxed and welcomed at all times. I am happy to tailor and cater to a client's specific needs during our sessions. I have truly found passion in helping my clients to feel their best mentally and physically! I look forward to helping you feel the like the best version of yourself! 

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Jadeyn Frericks, LMT

I graduated Joseph School of Hair, Skin & Body in 2017.  I have been in love with massage since I was 8 years old. My specialties include Hot Stone, Therapeutic, Relaxing Swedish, and Prenatal Massage.

I am a Non-Binary Licensed Massage Therapist.  I have been with my wonderful husband, Dylan for 10 years. We have one dog together named Vela (2).  My interests include games of all varieties, audiobooks and crocheting.

My hope is, that every client I work with leaves feeling relaxed, renewed and much better than when they walked in.